EPIC Haunted House

An Interactive Experience
Presented by Oregon Fear Factory

Welcome to the eerie realm of “The Fun House,” a haunted circus that once stood as a beacon of joy and laughter but has since become a nightmarish spectacle.

The Fun House looms ominously at the end of a desolate street, shrouded in an eternal fog that refuses to dissipate. Its once vibrant colors now appear faded and cracked, and the once cheerful decorations have been overtaken by creeping vines and cobwebs. The fa├žade, adorned with demonic grins, welcomes unsuspecting visitors with an unsettling, malicious charm.

Are you brave enough to step into the Fun House and face its haunting secrets, or will you become another trapped soul among its endless horrors?

Duration: 10 Minutes (No Reservations required)
Cost: $12.50 (12 and older) – $5 (under 12)
Max Group Size: 7
Schedule: Opening September 29th
Every Friday and Saturday through Halloween 6pm – 11pm
October 31st – 6pm – 11pm